If you think your back yard takes a beating, imagine the punishment absorbed by the grass at one of America’s busiest airports. Occupying a 1,700-acre footprint, Logan International Airport is known as New England’s gateway to the world. Its turf and pavement must withstand constant foot traffic, flight paths and vehicle tracks. This airport taxies more than two and a half million passengers a month! That is why IntelliTurf of New England humbly accepted the honor to become Logan’s official airport turf supplier.

Airport Turf That Is Built To Last

For a job of this magnitude, we bring our toughest airport turf. This is an athletic-grade synthetic grass we’ve used successfully at hotels, multi-residential developments, and industrial complexes. Our goal with every job is to maximize durability while providing an aesthetic upgrade at an affordable price. Working at an urban airport, we worked with optimal speed and efficiency. One of the unique challenges we faced was adapting to strict airport security, which requires escorts to accompany our installers at all times. With other jobs, installers can come and go as needed. At Logan, we needed to keep the whole team on site to avoid delays. This way, we did not have to shut down the job while escorts accompany employees on and off the premises.


Another challenge included removing the current airport turf, which was in bad shape after almost twenty years. After some trial and error to develop a seamless system for stripping the old materials, we made quick work, creating a clean surface for our high-traffic, environmentally sound airport turf. In the end, we were able to exceed our own expectations for timing, completing removal and installation. The project took a day and a half in total — all the while the airport remained in operation around and above us!

Benefits of Airport Turf

As New Englanders, we hold a lot of hometown pride to beautify the grounds of this iconic airport with a smart airport turf that is built to last. Our eco-friendly airport turf is ideal for this high-traffic, industrial application. It provides a safe, evergreen surface that looks great with little to no maintenance. Additionally, our airport turf deters the birds that are drawn to natural grass, preventing the hazards posed by bird strikes during takeoff.

Keep an eye out for our turf next time you’re flying out of Logan!