Growing up in an urban neighborhood of Boston, I never ever had a any type of a lawn to speak of. I always lived in an apartment building until just recently. That said, I knew that if this day came I would go with the virtually maintenance free route with a synthetic grass lawn. The funny thing is, I have been preaching about synthetic grass as a green maintenance free option for years. Even though I never had the need for it I knew it was the way to go for me.

Artificial Grass Front Yard smaller

Why did I choose a synthetic lawn?

  1. Low Maintenance and Weather Resistant. Never having had to deal with the cost and time of maintaining a lawn was kinda overwhelming. I also live in the north east where our winters are harsh and long with lots of snow and ice. Those types of conditions I can only imagine are Natural grass killers. So my thought is every spring would be a whole process to bring my lawn back to life, well with my synthetic grass lawn that’s not the case. It will look green even in the middle of winter under 2 feet of snow although we can’t see it’s still green. Once the snow melts I will power brush any debris that might be left over from the winter and voila my nice beautiful lawn is pretty and do not have to do much else for the rest of the spring and summer, come fall just blow the leaves off and that’s about it for my yearly maintenance.
  2. Cost effective. I paid for the synthetic grass and installation and don’t have to pay for monthly upkeep or waste my time to tend to on my own. Both are reason enough to go the synthetic grass route for me.
  3. Aesthetics. My synthetic lawn won’t brown or yellow out in the heat and or from lack of water (we do not have irrigation) or from the dogs in the neighborhood that go to do their business and kill the lawn from pet urine and waste.

These reasons are more than enough for me to help make my decision to go with synthetic grass from IntelliTurf.