This Saturday, we completed a small project in Boston’s South End for Daria. She is selling her townhouse and wanted to add some value to the home by installing artificial grass in the basement patio of her home. In an area that receives no sunlight, it is impossible to maintain anything there. So, with artificial grass, she is able to replace the existing soil with a maintenance-free solution that is green for many years to come.

Our Artificial Grass is Better

Installing something in the basement is difficult because it is easily flooded when there are severe rainstorms. However, our artificial grass has a geotextile fabric backing that drains through its entirety. It drains about 300 inches per hour and the base we build underneath assists a flood-free draining solution as well. In addition to the artificial grass, we installed bluestone pavers to the side on the patio where she stores her trash and recycling bins to complete the look of the area. We installed 4 bluestone pavers and filled the gaps with corresponding white marble rocks. This completed the outside for Daria and now she is ready to put her home on the market in the South End of Boston.

If you are about to put your home on the market, let us help you get your backyard ready. It’s what we do!