We installed a dog breeding park of about 2,000 square feet on the lovely Golden Sunset Farms property. The area is right next to their barn where their 3 horses and 3 goats live. The family also owns 3 dogs as well that will love to roam around on the new artificial grass.

SealTuft Pet-Friendly Turf

We uses our Pet turf for this project. The fibers of this turf is specialized to last many years of frequent activity from all sorts of animals. The Pet turf is the best pet turf offered on the market. It has shorter blades and is more durable for pet activity. Grass!365 Pet utilizes SealTuft – superior synthetic grass and drains through its entirety with the weeping system. After installation, the dogs do not have to wait at all to go right on and play on the artificial grass. To secure the
artificial grass, we have to secure nailer boards around the perimeter of the base. With a water-cured glue adhesive, we secure the perimeter of the SealTuft Pet turf to the nailer boards. We also use the water-cured adhesive to glue the seams together and finally lay about 3 pounds of sand per square foot and power broom the fibers. The sand is used to secure the artificial grass but also works its way into the fibers and helps them to stand. After installation, the grass is suitable for substantial dog activity.