A client in Needham, Massachusetts contacted IntelliTurf New England to transform her muddy, rocky, washed away back yard into a pristine synthetic grass lawn. Our comprehensive overhaul replaced the patchy moss and grass landscape with a lush, green synthetic lawn that could withstand the wear of her two beloved golden retrievers.

Assessing The Situation

When assessing Kate’s back yard we identified a few problems:

  1. First, we noticed how water drained off her roof line through the gutters, spewing gallons of water from her roof line to her back yard, right where the synthetic grass would be. Though water doesn’t damage synthetic grass, it could allow debris from the gutters to build up on the turf. The obvious solution involved the installation of new drainage channel under the turf and away from the house to the property line, where we built a dry well to collect the runoff. This action showed immediate impact, keeping the back yard cleaner and dryer than ever before.
  2. Second, we needed to accommodate Kate’s active pets: how could the retrievers enjoy the run of the house and the back yard without making a mess inside or out? Thanks to the superior drainage and durability of IntelliTurf’s fabric backing, Kate’s artificial grass allows the dogs to romp with minimal mess. The backing wicks away moisture, is resistant to digging and leaves her pets’ paws clean and mud-free. Any doubt that the dogs would accept their new turf disappeared on their first run-around, when the older retriever rolled, fetched, played – and, yes, relieved herself, happily christening her new playground.

Pet-Approved Synthetic Grass

Another pet-approved synthetic lawn – and proof that you don’t need to sacrifice aesthetics or turn your house into a mudroom to have a healthy play area for pets!

Kate’s back yard overhaul is an example of what synthetic grass can do for you: replace a never-ending grind of maintenance, time, effort, money and resources with an easy, lovely, clean, evergreen space the whole family can enjoy for years to come.