Backyard Lacrosse Practice Turf Backyard InstallIn Boston’s historic Beacon Hill, we installed a backyard of turf for a personal lacrosse practice space. With the most difficult access, we had to be creative with how we transported our material. Typically we use wheelbarrows and are able to transport our material from our unloading truck. However, we had to use many trips with buckets that we used to get through the small bulkhead through the apartment and outside to the backyard. Our most difficult transition was getting the turf roll through the backyard. It was unable to fit through the small alleyway, so we had to use the upstairs window and create a safe and difficult procedure to get the artificial grass roll outside.

It was truly remarkable that we were able to do this with much focus and so smoothly. The turf rolls are compact hundreds of pounds. We needed 3 people controlling the turf transportation through the window while three people underneath the window managed pieces of plywood that helped the turf brace its fall. The successful transition allowed us to install the turf despite the difficult access we had. Once finished we set up the lacrosse equipment and now the artificial grass is a much better surface for lacrosse practice.

No matter the challenge, we can help you install turf anywhere!