Over the past three days, our team constructed a two-tier custom golf green of approximately 1200 square feet for Rich L in his front yard in the prestigious South Shore location of Falmouth, Massachusettes. The custom golf green includes 5 cups and flags with an additional sand bunker for chipping practice.

Backyard Golf Bunker & Artificial Grass

Our bunker sand is the same sand used for the prestigious Boston Golf Club and allows for the most realistic chipping practice. Our turf is installed so precisely to mimic the performance of a golf green on a course. The artificial grass blades are shorter and the fibers are closer together. We fill in about 8 pounds of sand per sq foot and roll over the green for about an hour. This allows the fibers to be positioned so it mimics the performance of a real golf green.

Out golf greens can have a stimpmeter speed of 9-11 after installation. It also allows shots to be hit from about 180 ft away. We surround the putting green with fringe for a real look and feel of a golf green as well as a surface for chipping practice. The custom golf green provides great putting practice and some customers go on to win their club tournaments.

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