Backyard Putting Green Experts in Boston and all of New England

Locally owned and operated, Grass!365 New England is backed by over 20 years of backyard putting green design and installation experience.  Bottom line is, if we could build backyard putting greens any better we would.

Golf Green

Our surface will hold shots from 180 yards away and putt just as true as bent grass greens.  We deliver these surfaces with very little maintenance and tremendous water savings compared to natural grass.  These greens not only hold shots and roll great, they are durable enough for the entire family to use.  Bike or tricycle riding, soccer games or perfecting the perfect cartwheel are all ok on our artificial grass golf greens.

We love to identify where your grill is located so you can flip 60 degree wedges right along with flipping your steaks.

Golfers and Turf Guys

We are golfers.  You will not only be dealing with the owner of the business, you are dealing with golfers.  We understand what a golf green is supposed to look like, but more importantly we understand how they are supposed to perform.

We are artificial grass experts.  If you let your landscaper or contractor buddy build you a golf green, buyer beware.

Over the years we have seen artificial grass backyard putting greens installed by golf course superintendents, landscape companies and even general contractors.  Bottom line is, if these people do not install turf every day, they are not true experts.

Fixing a bad base or installing the wrong turf choice will leave you out thousands of dollars and disappointed with the end result.

Grass!365 New England does not install sod, plants, irrigation, night lighting, or outdoor kitchens.  We are artificial grass experts and that is our sole focus.

Short Game

Many people have said you cannot build an artificial grass golf green that will hold a golf shot.  Over the past 2 decades Grass!365 has done just that.  We have installed multiple greens around peoples home and farm land creating private golf courses.  Backyard short game practice areas with bunkers and chipping tees have lead to club and city championships.

With 80% of all golf shots played within 100 yard of the hole there is no more impactful practice one can do than improve chipping and putting.  Doing this in your own backyard may be the only way most of you can find the time in this busy day and age.

Taking unused or hard to maintain areas of backyards and turning them into beautiful golf greens that hold shots and putt true is a not only a great use of space, this will result in a great use of your golf practice time.

Simply the Best…

Like all of IntelliTurf’s products, Grass!365 New England installs backyard putting greens that are far and away the best in the industry.

We invite you to come see why Grass!365 is the very best partner for you and your backyard golf green aspirations.

Hitting a few chip shots and rolling a few putts is all that it will take for you to be convinced, we are the company of choice for backyard putting greens in the Boston area.


Jeremy Dellaria – Owner