Artificial Grass In ShadeRight outside of Providence, Rhode Island in Cranston, we installed 700 square feet of artificial grass in the backyard of a home where they do not get much sunlight. Our artificial grass is often chosen by homeowners looking to improve a yard that just won’t grow because of shade or pet damage. In addition to the artificial grass, we also used edging to border the perimeter of the artificial grass to give it a much cleaner and organized look. The edging was about an inch tall but securely sections of the turf from the surrounding trees and other areas of the yard.

In only a few hours, we transformed a backyard of dirt and rocks into a lovely clean and green area that is now much more suitable for sitting outside and enjoying the backyard. The homeowners also decided to go with artificial grass because they own two large dogs. The turf is a mess-free and durable solution for homeowners with dogs. The dogs no longer will track mud and dirt back into the house and the homeowners no longer need to worry about the dogs running around and ripping up the yard. The new artificial grass is also maintenance-free and will last more than a decade.

Let us help you fix those hard to manage areas that have too much shade or pet traffic.