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Grass!365 New England is locally owned and operated.  Call us today and deal directly with the owners of the very best artificial grass business is all of New England.

Turf Products

Made in the USA, 100% Recyclable and up to 17 degrees cooler than traditional artificial grass, Grass!365 New England has the very best synthetic turf found anywhere.

It all starts with our yarn.  3D shapes that reflect less light, stand up to gravity and have the most natural colors possible.

Grass!365 uses SealTuft – Superior Synthetic Grass –  that creates and entire drain field where water flows through up to 300 inches an hour.  As soon as it stops raining you can send the children straight out to play.  The backing is all part of the same plastics family as the hot melt glue that we use to attach it to the primary backing and the yarn.  With all these raw materials having similar makeups, we have created the only 100% 1-step recyclable artificial grass.   Our turf does not have to end up in land fills at the end of its life cycle like all the other turf.


From design to completion, your artificial grass installation must be thought out and executed properly.  One area of expertise in which we thrive is drainage.  Installing a proper base and getting the water to flow where we want it will yield a lower maintenance and longer lasting installation.  From seaming to expert infill applications, finishing the job can only be done properly by experts.  Grass!365 is not the company you look to for corners to be cut during installation.  We feel that once artificial grass is designated for a certain area, artificial grass will always be there.  We install the base and drainage work so year after year the turf can perform as it should.


Our owners oversee each and every installation from start to finish.  No design or proposal goes out the door without their approval.  No order is placed and no turf is installed without the local and involved owners of the business giving each part of the operation their blessing.

With Grass!365 you will deal directly with the owners from start to completion.

Next Steps

Contact us for a free consultation about your property.  Let us help you design the playground, golf green or lawn of your dreams.  We have extensive knowledge and experience on both residential and commercial projects.  Either showing you some installations and or a site visit to help you get started is just a phone call or email away.

We look forward to helping today.

Grass!365 New England


Jeremy Dellaria – Owner